Friday, 24 April 2015

Pucker up for Valentine's Day Kisses with Lip Rewind by Miracle Skin Transformer

Perfect your pout in time for Valentine's Day smooches with  Lip Rewind in the shade LOVE, a soft pink with a touch of shimmer. Lip Rewind, by Miracle Skin Transformer,  is  an anti-aging lip transforming serum infused balm formulated to prevent daily damage, drying and moisture loss.


Rewind time for your  lips, with a blend of anti-oxidant rich butters that condition, smooth, and create a breathable barrier to maintain maximum moisture. Rose moss and powerful peptides combine to infuse lips with double the amount of hyaluronic acid, which boosts collagen and eliminates fine lines. Revel in the captivating cooling sensation created by menthol and peppermint oil and flaunt a perfectly soft, supple, and smooth pout every day.


Rebuilds the skin barrier to minimize moisture loss for touchable texture and a happy healthy smile
Stimulates collagen synthesis for future fullness
Helps protect skin & diminish drying & damage to prevent premature aging
Visibly reduces lip lines and keeps lips soft and smooth
SPF 20 provides broad spectrum sunscreen protection against damaging UV rays


My Experience: I received a sample of Lip Rewind in the shade, LOVE to review.  I absolutely love Lip Rewind! It is my very favorite lipgloss because not only does it make my lips feel amazing with its minty tingle, it also makes my lips look beautiful, full and sexy. It protects my lips from chapping, especially in the chilly winter air. I love the texture and the beautiful color!

my lips.jpg

$24 / Available at Ulta and Nordstrom stores nationwide.

Friday, 3 April 2015

Review: Hydroxatone AM/PM Anti-Wrinkle Complex


I started using anti-aging skin products about 2 years ago, not because I have wrinkles or fine lines, but because I find that these products work better on my aging skin.  I’ve used a number of products, all of which I will share in a separate post, but I want to dedicate this post to  Hydroxatone AM/PM Anti-Wrinkle Complex.

Hydroxatone contains Hyaluronic Acid, Matrixl3000, Agireline and SPf15 which helps skin to retain moisture, promote natural levels of collagen, provide fast result and protect the skin against the suns harmful rays.

According to their site, Hydroxatone is clinically proven to:

Enhance production of healthy skin

Reduce fine lines, wrinkles and age spots

Exfoliate dead, unhealthy skin cells

Replenish skin with deep conditioning

I actually tried the product at the end of 2011 along with their intensive youth serum when I was having issues with dry, taut, flaking skin brought on by the cold, dry air. At that time, I certainly couldn’t say that I noticed any of the results that they claimed but it did wonders in hydrating my skin.

It’s a heavy cream though that tends to be oily when first applied. Because of that reason I didn’t think it would be a good solution for me during warmer months when my skin tends to be Jermaine Jackson grade oily.  However, I’ve been using the AM/PM cream for the last two weeks and I am actually happy with it. It’s heavy (I can’t even emphasize that enough) so I use a smaller amount and massage it onto my face.  I was surprised to find that it actually absorbs quickly into my skin and while it does leave a glow on my skin, its not “greazy” looking.

I had a really bad acne breakout back in April (this was what prompted the emergency doctor visit mentioned here… Yeah, it was that bad!) and I was still dealing with some of the left over dark spots (hyperpigmentation) from the breakout. I have definitely noticed an overall improvement in my skin since I started using it this time around. My skin looks brighter, my pores look smaller, my skin looks more even and most of the spots, especially the ones on my lower cheeks are now gone. I did get a few additional pimples since I started using the product, but I believe that it’s part of the same issue that started back in April.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Hydroxatone - Wrinkle Removal Cannot Get Easier Than This!

With the ever-increasing emphasis on beauty and youthful looks, there is a growing pressure on women to look younger for longer. No matter where they are or what time of the day it is, women have to look glowing and radiant. This obviously demands skin that is soft, smooth, wrinkle-free, and simply gorgeous. With the daily exposure to sun and dust coupled with the natural aging process, it is not easy to keep the skin looking that perfect at all times. The task also gets harder as age advances. Fortunately, women now have a range of amazing wrinkle removal products at their disposal.

Erase those wrinkles

Once fine lines and deep wrinkles form on the face, it takes the best anti aging product such as the Hydroxatone AM/PM Anti Wrinkle Complex to erase those unflattering lines. This wrinkle removal cream features ingredients such as Argireline and Matrixyl 3000 that help erase the appearance of fine lines around the eyes. These powerful ingredients also help reduce the appearance of deep wrinkles in the forehead region. In addition to providing fast and visible results in reducing the visibility of fine lines, this anti aging cream also boosts collagen levels to ensure fresh and youthful-looking skin.

Fight multiple signs of aging

Dryness can cause the skin to turn rough and pave the way for the formation of wrinkles. The Hydroxatone anti aging cream features Hyaluronic Acid that is one of the most effective hydrating ingredients. This helps enhance skin hydration by more than 20 percent. Improved hydration also helps boost the skin tone and make you look more radiant.

This dermatologist tested anti wrinkle cream also helps reduce discoloration and hyperpigmentation to make the skin tone more even. To discover more amazing facts about Hydroxatone Canada and to purchase the anti wrinkle formulations, visit today.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Hydroxatone AM/PM Anti Wrinkle Complex ~ Review

I’m an infomercial addict. Promise to give me youthful skin or a tighter, healthier body and I’m there. Bring on the popcorn, baby! I never buy any of the products because frankly I rarely believe a word they say. I watch them because a) I like to see how far out their claims are. I’ve heard some doozies! b) I enjoy gloating over the fact that I’ve learned to control my naturally gullible instincts. :) and c) Some of them are hilarious.

I’ve seen the Hydroxatone infomercials on more than one occasion and I will admit my curiosity was piqued. So, when the opportunity to try one of their products was presented, I was all for it.

Note: I received a free sample of Hydroxatone AM/PM Anti Wrinkle Complex for review as part of the  iFabbo (International Fashion and Beauty Bloggers Organization) Hydroxatone campaign.

As you can see, it comes in this cute little glass jar with a shiny silver lid. The packaging looks sleek and impressive, but I would have been happier with a tube. The chances of the product becoming contaminated are lessened significantly when you’re squeezing it out of a tube. Moving on...

The creme is thick, rich and applies easily. A little goes a long way but I’m heavy handed so I apply it liberally. According to the directions it should be applied to the face and neck morning and night. Since there is no warning against using the creme on the delicate eye area, I assumed it was safe. I’m on my third week with this product which isn’t really a long time but I didn’t want to delay writing this review any further. So…
Does Hydroxatone AM/PM Anti Wrinkle Complex live up to the claims?

According to their website:

    Hydroxatone AM/PM is an advanced facial creme which contains four of the most effective ingredients needed for real results. Hydroxatone AM/PM  is clinically proven to

        Smooth and Hydrate skin.
        Reduce the appearance of fine lines.
        Reduce the appearance of deep wrinkles.
        Improve skin tone and radiance.
        Reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation.
        Reduce under-eye puffiness.

I am very impressed with the results I’m experiencing. As I said I’m only on week #3 and already the lines on my forehead and outer eye area are diminishing. My skin feels softer and looks brighter as well. The most noticeable improvement however is the under-eye puffiness is just about gone and the awful, awful, wrinkled up turkey looking neck tissue is smoothing out. If I’m seeing these awesome results in 3 weeks, I know my skin will only get better!

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Karin Herzog Day Protection

Treat your skin with hydration and protection with @uskarinherzog Day Protection and Oxygen Body 1%. Regularly priced at $55 each, the world leader in oxygen skincare is now offering these two favorites at $30 a piece. The Day Protection moisturizer minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while providing light skin protection with SPF 10. Vitamin A helps to boost collagen, while vitamin E soothes inflamed, overactive skin. The dual action Oxygen Body 1% moisturizer contains active oxygen and mild fruit acids to effectively remove dull skin cells while hydrating, softening and toning the skin. Now through November 1st, you can treat yourself and save 40% on the Day Protection and Oxygen Body 1%! visit

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Some Of The Best Ways For Wrinkle Removal Are Close At Hand

The cold season can be quite a handful for your skin to cope with as the air gets drier and crispier. In places where the cold season is harsher and lasts much longer, as in Alaska, the higher altitude states in the Rocky Mountains, or in the states bordering Canada, your skin will need special care. The dry air is further aggravated by windy conditions that blow away whatever little moisture is there in the atmosphere and this compounds the problem for your skin even more.

What exactly happens to your skin during winter?

It is important to know that our skin cells store moisture up to a certain level, which contributes in wrinkle removal to a large extent. During winter, the dry air takes the moisture out of our skin cells and if conditions are windier than normal, the skin could actually crack in certain places like the cheeks, the lips, back of the palms, as well as the skin over your toes. In such conditions, the question of not attending to your skin simply doesn’t arise, as it could lead to serious problems with widening cracks and open sores.

Your skin needs more hydration during winter

Most people don’t allow such a situation to arise and use some or other type of moisturizer to keep the skin hydrated in winter. The substance known as collagen, which occurs naturally on the skin, needs to be retained for the process of wrinkle removal to be sustained even during winter. The highly effective and collagen-rich anti-aging skin cream, Hydroxatone is available in Canada to deal with your wrinkles not just in winter but all year round.


Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Get Rid Of The Blemish Marks On Your Face With A Good Balm

 Just as the sparkle in a diamond diminishes if there are blemishes in the stone, your face also won’t glow with radiance if it has blemish marks. Don’t delay in getting a BB cream as soon as you notice the blemish marks on your face. Choose your cream carefully because the market is filled with products promising customers like you, the moon. You need to check the ingredients carefully to see if it contains harmful chemicals that can damage your skin and also check out user feedback of specific brands that you shortlist.

What should you expect from your blemish balm? Most people expect a blemish balm to work as a foundation, concealer, sunblock, and moisturizer - all at once. Although most people don’t expect such a cream to be able to deliver these qualities all at once, there are some that do. It is true that the benefits of a blemish balm experienced by different people cannot be identical. While some like its wrinkle removal abilities, others may like the effectiveness of its SPF. Most people would like this cream to reduce, if not remove, their wrinkles and make their skin look flawless or to be more precise, blemishless.

Know what users have to say about the blemish balms they use

Hydroxatone anti aging BB cream has been getting good reviews from many satisfied users. Users liked the lightness and moisturizing qualities of the cream, in addition to the SPF in it which is not greasy like many other creams. The smoothness of the cream rubs in really well and makes the skin look natural and flawless. It offers good coverage and works well under foundation or even without it. It is good enough to work well on its own. Most importantly, does it help in removing wrinkles? Most users agree that it is indeed effective in smoothing their wrinkles considerably.